The Future of App development is here

Gone are the days where building web applications was time-consuming, costly, and unpredictable. Mini-Apps are taking the world of web development by storm. And for good reason! Explore the tremendous potential of Mini-Applications and why they are changing the mobile application landscape for good. 

What are Mini-Apps?:

Traditional apps are very expensive to build and come with high maintenance costs. Moreover, they need to be custom-built separately for different operating systems like Android and iOS. This means businesses often find themselves having to choose between shelling out on app development and restricting their customer base. 

 The solution to this dilemma comes in the form of Mini-Apps:

  • Think of Mini-Apps as the lightweight versions of their full-scale counterparts.
  • They contain all the Native features and provide the user with a more streamlined interface, without the extra bulk.
  • Additionally, Mini-Apps, as the name suggests, are very small in size, which is less than 10MB unlike the traditional iOS and Android apps whose file size is 38MB and 60MB respectively. This enhances the user experience by cutting down the download time, saving data, and accelerating the app performance.
  • The best part? They can be made on a fraction of the budget and time, it usually takes to develop full-scale traditional apps.

What can Mini-Apps do: 

Mini-Apps are essentially compact mobile programs that are designed to give the user a basic experience of the main app. Here is how they work.

  • Usually, they are developed and launched by a third-party platform under a partnership with the main app company.
  • Mini-Apps can be customized to allow the user to perform a variety of activities.
  • Mini-Apps can be built with a single code that allows them to be used on any operating system, no installation required.
  • Mini-Apps can be incorporated with additional device plugins for accessing Camera, Geolocation, Notifications, and more. Thus, they make for a versatile user experience that promotes better customer engagement.

Why have Mini-Apps captured the attention of the big guys:

Mini-Apps made their first appearance in the tech industry when WeChat’s parent company Tencent launched WeChat Mini Programs. After receiving massive success among the target audience, the Mini-Apps module quickly picked up steam with the western tech giants like Apple and Snapchat, who took notice of its tremendous potential.

Closer home, the home-grown mobile payments provider Paytm launched Paytm Mini Programs, India’s first mini-app store. The company has since tied-up with more than 300 app-based providers and brands, allowing them to leverage Paytm's active user base which is said to be more than 150 million per month.

Even though Mini-Apps are a relatively new phenomenon in the technology scene, their adaptability and low production costs mean that they are a formidable force that are here to stay.

How Mini-Apps could benefit your business:

Due to their adaptable nature, mini-apps offer a plethora of advantages to organizations, irrespective of their size and domain. Read on to see how they can improve various business operations:

  1. Stock Keeping: 
  2. Keep track of the goods available to ensure that their delivery happens smoothly.

  3. Inventory Management:
  4. Mini-applications can be useful in inventory tracking and management. With the right mini-app, reduce maintenance costs, and boost productivity.

  5. Logistics:
  6. Monitor the entire lifecycle of the logistics flow and maintain a smooth flow of the process, thus avoiding delays and other setbacks.

  7. Order Management:
  8. The right mini-app can keep you in the loop with all the updates for an order, allowing better control and management.

  9. Lead Management:
  10. With mini-apps at hand, you can effortlessly manage your sales leads.

  11. Sales Insight: 
  12. Mini-apps can help you access all the data related to sales, helping you to easily analyze and optimize your strategies.

  13. Customer Relationship Management:
  14. The advantages of using mini-apps in your customer relationship system can truly be a game-changer for your business;
    • Set up a ticketing system and never miss a customer’s query or complaint.
    • Streamline your customer support system.
    • Additionally, save time and resources by setting up a self-service system for the most common customer queries.

  15. Customer profiling:
  16. Keep track of your customers’ preferences and add a nice personalized touch to all your interactions.

  17. Product Training:
  18. Effectively communicate your product’s design and unique features to present its benefits accurately and comprehensively to your customers.

  19. Make Your Own Set: 
  20. Mini-Apps can be set up in a modular fashion, thus, allowing you to select the features that would add the most value to your organization.


Why you should choose Hozap:

We at Interface Sense understand that it can be baffling to adapt to new technological changes in your business, particularly something as novel as mini-applications. Hence, we present to you our cutting-edge mini-app launching platform, Hozap.

Here is why you should choose us to be your Tech wingman:

  • Get started quickly:
  • Make use of our elegant pre-built templates to save time in launching your mini-app.

  • One code to rule them all:
  • Hozap is designed to allow developers to ship apps with a common code to various systems and platforms

  • Build it your own way:
  • We have engineered Hozap to seamlessly integrate with Java Script and all the major frontend development frameworks such as Angular, Vue, React.

  • The Power of customization:
  • Easily introduce device plug-ins like Camera Access, Geolocation, Notifications, Offline File Systems, and more with the help of Hozap.

  • Frontend developers take control:
  • With Hozap, frontend developers are given more autonomy than ever before to build the mini-apps with enhanced functionality.

  • Let us do the heavy-lifting:
  • You can bank on amazing developers to create beautiful unique-looking apps, custom-made just for you.


Mini apps are the next big thing in the realm of web development. Their low production costs make them appealing to business owners who seek to increase their digital presence. Mini apps also take much lesser time to develop when compared to traditional apps. Regardless of which purpose they are used for, these compact applications have many advantages. Interface Sense’s mini-app launching platform Hozap is designed to aid businesses to create their own professional-looking, fully functional applications.